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About Us & Sustainability

About Us

St. Oddity is an independent label born in Sydney through a desire for transformation. We’re a small, young design team crazy about change and we revel in offering you boundless customisable styles. Launched in 2018, we have produced several must-have styles that are based on classic shapes rather than short-lived trends. All products in the range are vegan-friendly and only made with premium, cruelty-free materials.


The entire St. Oddity range is made from cruelty-free, vegan materials. Our materials are manufactured with next generation technology that has allowed for superior synthetics that we believe supersede leather in feel and quality.

Studies show that the production of synthetic leather has significantly less of an environmental impact when compared to leather from cows*; making it the more sustainable choice. According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, Polyurethane based fabrics like the ones we use score 29.9 compared to leathers that score 176. A lower score indicates a lesser impact to global warming, water use and pollution.

We are always looking for even more sustainable materials that can match the feel, look and durability of the materials we currently use. New materials such as those that use fibres from fruits still rely on a top layer of Polyurethane for durability.


We don't use any plastic packaging. Ours boxes and tape made from recycled cardboard.


Our policy is to never throw out a bag which has a cosmetic defect. You may have seen a product marked as a 'second' as part of a yearly sales event. These products may have a small mark or crease and are put aside by our quality control team to be sold at a discount. This allows us to have almost no product waste.

*Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2017 - pp. 42, 77-80